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2016-17 Season Auditions

By Horton Foote
Directed by Amber Devlin

Audition dates:
Sunday, Mar. 26, 2017 from 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Monday, Mar. 27 2017 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Cold readings from the script. Texas Gulf Coast dialect preferred but not required.

Rehearsals set to begin April 17, 2017, weekend rehearsals likely.
Performances:  May 19 – June 3, 2017

Book an audition - – include stage name and contact phone number

Auditions will be held at the MainStage Irving-Las Colinas Studio at the corner of Story and Rochelle in Irving, TX 75062 (physical address is 2333 West Rochelle – some GPSs do not pinpoint the exact location.)


The play takes place in Harrison, TX, 1929. Change is on the horizon. Myra Tolliver is faced with losing her job as piano player for the silent movies as the “talkies” take over. Mr. Jackson may be “bumped” from his job on the railroad and have to bump someone else in another town. Pete may go live with his father. Willis may talk Myra into marrying him if he can get divorced from Gladys. Gladys may try to get Willis back. Katie Bell may become a movie star, or a writer, or a piano player, or something great. Vesta may learn to play the piano. Estaquio may become a Baptist minister, Ashenback may keep Gladys and Gerard may find happiness, sooner than later. Mrs. Jackson can handle whatever comes their way. A lot happens to these people in a week in the summer. One thing you can always count on is change.


  • Side 1 - Myra, Vesta, Katie Bell – pp 6-7
  • Side 2 - Katie Bell, Vesta, Myra, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson – pp 10-12
  • Side 3 - Estaquio, Katie Bell – pp 26-27
  • Side 4 - Gerard, Pete, Myra, Willis, Gladys – pp 52-56
  • Side 5 - Ashenback, Gladys, Willis, Katie Bell, Pete, Mrs. Jackson, Estaquio, Vesta – pp 35-37
  • Side 6 - Ashenback, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Jackson – pp 44-45
  • Side 7 - Myra, Willis – pp18-21 (includes monologues for Myra and Willis)


Seeking strong ensemble of 11 actors: 5 women, 6 men


MYRA TOLLIVER – mid- 30’s; single mother trying to earn a living playing the piano for silent movies while raising a 14yr. old boy
KATIE BELL JACKSON – 16; curious, dreamer, open-minded
VESTA JACKSON – 18; prim, obedient, worrier
MRS. JACKSON – 40s-50s; Methodist mother of Katie Bell and Vesta
GLADYS – late 20s-early 30s; married, but separated from Willis and living with Ashenback;  indecisive


WILLIS – mid-30s; earnest, hardworking brick layer; in love with Myra
MR. JACKSON – 40s-50s; father of Katie Bell and Vesta; works on the railroad and loves his garden; sad, soft spoken man
ESTAQUIO TREVINO – 17 years old, Mexican; hoping to become a Baptist preacher
PETE TOLLIVER – 14 years old; trying to negotiate divorced parents: serious mother in small town vs. exciting father in Houston
ASHENBACK – 30s-40s; in love with Gladys; passionate
GERARD ANDERSON – 30s-40s; Pete’s father; contractor; married again with children; drinker

MainStage is a non-union theatre that offers actors a gas allowance.

MainStage holds open auditions about two months prior to the opening date of each production. For specific information call 972-594-6104.

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All auditions are held at the Rudy Seppy Studio (corner of Rochelle and Story in Irving).

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