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2016-17 Season Auditions

By Joseph A. Fields and Jerome Chodorov
Directed by Dave Schmidt

Audition dates:
Sunday, May 21, 2017 from 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Monday, May 22, 2017 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Cold readings from the script.

Rehearsals set to begin June 6, 2017
Performances:  July 21 – Aug. 5, 2017
Book an audition - – include stage name and contact phone number
Auditions will be held at the MainStage Irving-Las Colinas Studio at the corner of Story and Rochelle in Irving, TX 75062 (physical address is 2333 West Rochelle – some GPSs do not pinpoint the exact location.)

Available roles


Ruth Sherwood: Female, 25-35: She is unique, highly intelligent, opinionated, strong-willed and very sympathetic. An aspiring writer, she marches to the beat of her own drum. A go-getter who isn't afraid to dream big.  Ruth, being the older of the two sisters, enjoys a very close relationship with her younger sister and as such is extremely understanding and protective of her younger sister’s ability to attract men. A talent which she thinks she lacks.

Eileen Sherwood: Female, 20-30: The younger sister of Ruth. She dreams of being a successful actress. While at first glance she seems to be the prettier of the two sisters, Eileen is oblivious to her charms. Life comes easily for Eileen. She is instantly likable and an eternal optimist. She is a natural magnet to men, but is oblivious to their pursuits. She has a strong relationship with her sister, Ruth and there isn't anything she wouldn't do for her.

Helen: Female, 20-39: She is kind and loving. A formerly sheltered girl, she now has a live-in boyfriend, The Wreck, who she must hide from her strict mother. She adores Wreck and looks forward to their happy life together when they marry once the professional football season starts.

Violet: Female, 30-59: A neighborhood ‘‘lady of the night'‘, she is self-aware and confident with her “sex-positive” lifestyle.

Mrs. Wade: Female, 40-59:  Helen’s mother. She is strict and very straight laced.

Prospective tenant: Female, 30s:  Smart and businesslike. Very much a modern career woman.


Mr. Appopolous: Male, 30-60: A modern artist turned landlord. He is an eccentric and an opportunist who is a bit of a bully whenever he thinks it’s safe. He dabbles in painting as well as in con-artistry.  Greek accent is required.

The Wreck: Male, 20-39: An ‘‘Out of Season’‘ football player turned “House husband”. He is not super intelligent, but has been able to get away with a lot due to his abilities in the sport. He is a bit of a ‘‘man-child’‘ who hasn’t quite grown up to the realistic expectations of adulthood. He is a charming, physical, loaf of a man who is engages to his fiancé, Helen, with whom he lives.

Lonigan: Male, 40-59:  An officer of the law who takes pride in his neighborhood beat. He doesn’t suffer fools easily, and is suspicious of the activities of Ruth and Eileen because of the former tenant of the apartment, Violet, who was a woman of “easy virtue”.

Robert Baker: Male, 30-45: A newspaper editor.  A kindhearted man who is highly intelligent and charming. He sees Ruth’s untapped talent as a writer and is her champion in her persuits.

Chick Clark: Male, 35 – 55:  A newspaper reporter who feigns interest in Ruth's writing to get closer to Eileen. Extremely obnoxious. He is a sleaze, a scoundrel and a liar.

Frank Lippencott: Male, 20-29:  A drug Store Manager. He is smitten with Eileen. A little bit shy and awkward, but he is endearing in his pursuit. A kind, gentle man who has a big, giving heart.

Mr. Fletcher: Male, age open: One of Violet’s former “clients”.  He takes way too much for granted when he visits Ruth and Eileen’s apartment.

Walter Sherwood: Male, 45 – 55: The father of Eileen and Ruth. Warm and protective, but not completely comfortable with the adventure his daughters have undertaken in New York.
Future admirals: A group of Brazilian sailors on leave. An ability to speak a bit of Portuguese and/or Spanish a plus.

The Consul: 30+:  A Brazilian consul who tries to rectify the situation after the visit of the sailors. An ability to speak a bit of Portuguese and/or Spanish a plus.

Plus various passersby, drunks and colorful characters which inhabit Greenwich Village. These roles are good cameo roles and will most likely be double cast with one actor or actress playing multiple roles.

MainStage is a non-union theatre that offers actors a gas allowance.


Sat, April 29 from 10 am – 5 pm

Rockbrook Montessori - 1201 Ranch Trail, Irving, TX 75063

SHOW DATES: September 8−23, 2017
All evening performances 7:30 PM. Sunday matinees 2:30 PM.

Explore the many facets of India through a Broadway-style production that will sweep you off your feet – from sharing the road to finding a bargain, from classical music and dance to the latest Bollywood, from roadside vendors to street entertainers, from festival celebrations to spiritual wisdom. To top it all off, relish the mouthwatering fare in the lobby bazaar! Join us for a creative, colorful and interactive experience – as you get immersed, emerge dyed in the color of India! Feel the sights, the sounds, the traditions – the sensations that make up the kaleidoscope of India!

ACTORS (16-18 performers)
Young Man: Raised in the US, a tourist in India who has a lot to discover. Dancer preferred.
Young Girl: Proud of her heritage, charming Indian girl. Dancer preferred.
Indian Man: Overly helpful Indian man.
Lady #1: Gullible tourist.
Lady #2: Know-it-all Indian woman.
Street Musician: Experienced performer with strong singing skills.
10-12 supporting actors

DANCERS (6-8 female + 6-8 male)
Dancers play a major part in this production and will have multiple versatile roles across classical, folk, and other popular dance styles.
** We plan to have two sets of cast members to avoid scheduling conflicts due to the number of performances. We will select two individuals for each acting and dancing role. Rehearsals begin in the summer. Experienced artists preferred. Commitment is key!

SINGERS (4-6 female + 4-6 male)
Music for the production will be largely professionally pre-recorded and will incorporate styles including classical, folk, A Capella, and popular. We expect the recording to be completed in May/June. There will also be opportunity for live singing in the Lobby/Bazaar pre- and post-performances.

To sign up for auditions, use the following SignUpGenius link:
April 29 -

Questions? Email us

MainStage holds open auditions about two months prior to the opening date of each production. For specific information call 972-594-6104.

Not an actor? MILC offers everyone the opportunity to get involved in the creative process of "putting on a show". Learn more here...

All auditions are held at the Rudy Seppy Studio (corner of Rochelle and Story in Irving).

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